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Christian Development Ministries


The Sunday School curriculum offers classes that are designed to demonstrate the love of a Christian community and to provide as many entryways as possible to guide our children and young adults on their spiritual journey.  Each offering is a nurturing environment where the children can explore God's word and experience His love, as well as build friendships.


Sunday School Teachers

All of the Sunday School classes are designed to demonstrate the love that Jesus has for us and to provide as many entryways as possible to guide our children and young adults on their faith journey.  Classes are nurturing environments where God's word can be explored, his love experienced, and lasting friendships are built.


Our Sunday School classes include:​

  • Godly Play for grades 1 through 4

  • Episcopal Digital Network for grades 5 thorugh 7


Lead Teachers are responsible for preparing the weekly lessons using the church school curriculum for the age group.  The lesson plan may also include special activities or an arts and crafts project.


Assisting the lead teachers are our Gate Keepers.  Gate Keepers are assigned to each classroom to help with the lesson and to assist any children that may need special attention.  The Gate Keeper is not responsible for preparing the lesson plans.


Youth Group Mentors

At St John's, our youth ministries' core values are Faith, Fellowship, Friendship, and Fun.  In our Middle School and High School Youth Groups, we create a safe space for our youth in grades 5 through 12 to consider spiritual matters, talk about our lives, and work on outreach programs in the greater community.  And we include as much just plain fun as we can! 


The Youth Formation ministry allows you to walk with our youth on their journeys from childhood to adulthood, recognizing their gifts for ministry, their questions about spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world.  Becoming a mentor and part of this journey will strengthen your faith and allow you to connect to God in new ways.


All of our Educational Ministry volunteers complete the Safe Church training offered by the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusets and have completed the CORI process.


Will You Make a Difference? 

St John's Episcopal Church

159 Main Street

Sandwich, MA   02563


Phone:  (508) 888-2828


Parish Office Hours:

               Tuesday thru Friday

               10:00 AM - 2:00 PM



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