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Our Beliefs

Christian Learning is a life-long process that involves the deepening of faith and understanding in every phase of life.  Being part of the Episcopal Church and the worldwide Anglican Communion, St John's pursues God's love through Scripture, tradition and reason.
We believe that the worship of God is at the very heart of our life together. We experience the mystery of God, hear God's word, share Christ's presence in the sacraments, feel God's love in the community, and leave strengthened to live and serve in the world.
We believe that worship touches our hearts, lifts our spirits, challenges our minds and comforts our souls so that we are connected to one another and to God's world in new ways.  Youth, children and adults - generation to generation - can experience God in their worship at St John's.

With St John's as your spiritual home you can explore your faith and deepen your relationship with God, with those you love, and with yourself.

A sacrament is an outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace. They are given by Christ as a means by which we receive that grace.




Holy Baptism is how we become members of the church.  In the waters of Baptism we are lovingly adopted by God into God's family, where nothing can separate us from God's love in Christ.


Holy Eucharist


Holy Eucharist, or Communion, is the Sacrament commanded by Christ for the continual remembrance of His life, death and resurrection until His coming again.  All persons are welcome to receive the bread and the wine, and be in communion with God and each other.


The other sacramental rites are Confirmation, Reconciliation, Holy Matrimony,  Ordination, Sacrament of Healing and Burial.

Sunday School

St John's is blessed to have the opportunity to teach children of all ages about God's love for them, and to walk with them in the first steps of a lifelong journey of faith. 

​The Children's Christian education program is held each Sunday morning during  the 10:00 worship for preschool through 7th grade.  We use a variety of age appropriate curriculums to ensure that each child thrives while also becoming more familiar with the Bible, building relationships with each other, and by coming to know Jesus Christ. 


Middle school and High School students attend the worship service and continue their formation through St John's youth group activities.


The Sunday school year runs from September through June.  Registration for Sunday School takes place in early September and newcomers are welcome to join at any time throughout the church school year.

Beyond Sunday School

Faith formation happens! Be it intentional or unintentional, every life experience can be an energizing opportunity to live out our Baptismal Covenant.


We begin our faith formation at St John's as small children who receive a solid foundation from Sunday School.  Our adults and young adults continue their formation through the various ministries that enable every person to continually pursue God's love.


We like to think of our youth or young adult community as a place for a young person to grow into themselves in a Christian community through our youth group activities and outreach programs.


The adult formation ministries include Bible Study, Lenten Pub Series, Men's Group, and Prayer Chain, all of which allow you to enter into a prayerful life of worship and continuous learning.


Come and Visit!

Whether you're visiting in town or looking for a new church to call home, we'd love to see you!


Our services are at 5:00 PM on Saturdays, and at 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM on Sundays.


159 Main Street

Sandwich, MA  02563



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