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Ministries - Connect and Grow


At St John's we believe that all of us are called to a ministry in order to serve God in our daily lives.  You can find ways to strengthen your faith through our ministries of Worship, Education, Fellowship, Outreach, and Administration. The clergy and staff of St John's are available to you at any time to answer questions or provide further information.


Through our ministry of Worship, parishioners share their time and talent during the worship services to benefit others in our church family.  Each of these ministries offers a practical means to explore spiritual growth.  Training is provided and previous experience is not required.


Our Christian Development ministry offers classes that are designed to demonstrate the love of a Christian community and to provide as many entryways as possible to guide our children and young adults on their spiritual journey.  Each offering is a nurturing environment where you can explore God's word and experience His love, as well as build friendships.


Christ commands us to love one another.  Through our ministry of Fellowship, we grow in love through the experiences we share in our Parish activities.  Some fellowship ministries provide hospitality to everyone in the Parish, and others reach out to those who are visiting or are new to our Parish family.  Each of these ministries seeks to help us deepen our relationship with each other and with God.


Outreach opportunities allow members of St Johns to share God's love with others in our Parish and in our community.  The skills and time commitment required varies.  Opportunities exist for everyone to share fellowship while working together.


Opportunities for ministry in Administration range from volunteering in the Parish office to counting the weekly offerings to serving on the Finance Committee.  These ministries offer a hands-on opportunity to keep our day-to-day operations flowing smoothly.  


We invite you to come and see all we have to offer.  

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