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Online Giving

When we reflect on God’s blessings - his gifts to us - then the deepest and truest response we can make is to give back some of God’s own.


Online giving is an easy, convenient way to give back and support the mission and ministries of St. John’s Episcopal Church.


The benefits of online giving include being able to give from anywhere at a time that is convenient for you, not having to write checks, and being able to set up recurring donations so you don't miss an opportunity to give when you are away from the church.



Online Giving Frequently Asked Questions

How does online giving work?


To use online giving, click on the button above which takes you from the church website to a secure donation page hosted by Vanco Services LLC.   Contributions can be set up in two ways:


 - A one-time donation where you are not required to create a user profile.  Simply enter your name, address, payment method, payment amount and other essential information and submit the donation. 


 - A recurring donation where you will be required to create a password-protected user profile on the first visit to the donation page. You will be asked to enter your name, address, payment method and other required information before setting up a recurring donation. On future visits, simply log in to make, change or view donations. Recurring payments can be set up as weekly or monthly.


For both methods, you see a printer-friendly confirmation page and may also request an automatic email confirmation.


How can I keep track of my online giving?


As in the past, the church will prepare a year-end giving statement which lists all donations. If you have an account with Vanco Services, you can choose to receive a record of donations through email. Electronic transfers will also appear on statements issued by your financial provider.


How are online donations processed?


We use Vanco Services to process direct withdrawal donations. Vanco Services handles all of the security necessary for processing the transaction then transfers the money into the church bank account. The church receives electronic notification about all donations.


Is online giving secure?


Yes, Vanco Services is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 compliant service provider which means all transactions are handled in accordance with the most rigorous security standards. The contributor's bank account information is processed only on Vanco Services' secure system which is verified by GeoTrust, Inc.   You can see more information about Vanco Services security at

Can I make an anonymous donation with online giving?


No, Vanco Services does not have the ability to process anonymous donations. If you wish to contribute anonymously, please mail your donation directly to St John's Episcopal Church, 159 Main Street, Sandwich MA  02563,  and state you would like this to be an anonymous gift.


Is there a fee for this service?


No, there is no charge to you as the donor. The amount you select to give is the amount that will be charged. Your entire donation is tax deductible. The church pays a nominal fee to Vanco Services for the convenience and security of the services they provide.


Are there other payment methods available?


If you do not choose to use the online giving portal, you may make your gift to St John's using the online bill paying service at your personal bank. This is usually a free service where you set up a one-time or a recurring payment directly to St John's using the church name and address.  This is different from giving online through the giving portal where your bank will generate a check which gets mailed to the church.


You may also give weekly by completing a pledge card.  During any service, you may ask an usher for a pledge card and you will receive pledge envelopes which may be placed in the offertory plate with your gift.


If you give online through the giving portal, or by using online bill paying through your bank, please ask one of our ushers for an online giving card when you come to a service.  You may place the completed online giving card in the offertory plate as a visible sign of your gift to the glory of God and in support of the mission and ministry of this church.




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