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Giving Back


Stewardship is … Everything we do after we say, “I believe.”


God calls us to use all of the gifts the He has given us to share in His mission of caring for the world.  We are stewards, the caretakers of God’s gifts.  Everything we have was a gift from God, and God asks us to use it all for God’s purposes. 


Generosity flows naturally out of our gratitude for the gift of love, family, and life itself.

Stewardship is every day in the life of St John's.


A faithful steward takes care of what God has given to us. And St John's has been blessed with so much. We are a faith community encircled in loving worship, strengthened and supported by our families, friends, and the greater church community. We cannot do God's mission without the pledges of time, talent and treasure, and the volunteers for ministry and mission, that ensure that we keep providing the programs, projects and outreach that is our tradition at St John's.


Stewardship isn’t …

  • Paying the bills or maintaining the building

  • Fundraising

  • Balancing the budget

  • Paying our clergy and staff

  • Passing on a legacy to our children


Stewardship is …

  • Sharing in God’s mission with a glad, generous and grateful heart

  • Transforming lives in our community

  • Prayerfully responding to God’s call

  • A deeply spiritual matter

  • Something that blesses the giver more than the receiver


Stewardship is …Everything we do after we say, “I believe.”

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