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St John's Vestry


The Vestry of Saint John's is the elected body of lay leadership.  By church law they are entrusted with the oversight of property management, fiduciary administration, and human resources responsibility.  In practice, they serve as a council of leadership that have been called by the faith community of the church.


The Vestry normally meets each month and there are four officers of the Vestry: the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary.  The Rector appoints the Senior Warden; the other officers are elected each year as part of the annual church meeting.  A normal term for a Vestry member is three years.

Vestry Members: 
   (as of January 2019, our last vestry election)


Rick Hulsander, Senior Warden

Mark Currier, Junior Warden

Jeff Cuilty, Treasurer

Hope Aldrich, Secretary



Class of 2019                              Class of 2020                              Class of 2021

Will Hibbard                                        Alan Carlson                                        Charles Coombs

David Osowski                                    Bruce Greenhalgh                              Susan Harrington

Meredith Randall                                Stephen Tom                                      Aaron Selfridge




Cape and Island Deanery Representatives and Delegates to Diocesan Convention
Deanery Delegates                   Convention Delegates
Jared Cohen                                        Hugh Crossland
Hugh Crossland                                  Sean Randall
Sean Randall                                       Jared Cohen (alternate)


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